Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rockbridge Seminary

Rockbridge Seminary is located in Springfield, Missouri and have been in operation since 2004. They have a few degree programs that they offer

  1. Master of Divinity. This is a professional degree designed for people who already have a bachelor's degree and are aiming to be an ordained pastor, career missionary, or chaplain.
  2. Master of Ministry Leadership. This is also a professional degree for people with a bachelor's degree or want to serve on a church staff or other ministry positions.
  3. Diploma in Ministry Studies. This is a non-degree diploma for people over 25 who are serving on a church staff or in other ministry positions. 
  4. Continuing Education. 
The cost of tuition for each program differs. For Master of Divinity it's $14,896, for Master of Ministry Leadership, it's $10,192, and for the Diploma in Ministry Studies is $5,850. There are no fees for any of the programs, just the tuition plus the cost of books, which usually ranges form $35-$100 per course. 

You can visit their website for more information about admissions, their approach, and ways to contact the school. You can learn about the school itself, how they got started and how far they've come, and even see their seal.

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